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Our Passion is Security! Everything we do is designed to keep your privacy and provide the strongest cyber security in the world. Our Apps put cyber security directly into your hands with Stealth Grid™ technology.

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Stealth Grids Quantum Cyber Security Solutions Makes Decentralization, Encryption & Authentication Faster, Easier, and Stealth Strong!

Stealth Grid protects data from being compromised by using  proprietary StealthCrypto’™ dynamic end-to-end split encrypting the data, and layered with Polymorphic Hashed Encryption™ (PHE), and “Dynamically Split GeoDistributed™” .  Our dynamic multi-layer cryptographic decentralized encryption platform for BlockChain Smart Cities, Trust Center’s, IoT  data, unified communications using our proprietary “AI Cyber Security™”.  Stealth Grid’s dynamic split encrypted authentication process integrates a polymorphic encryption algorithm for StealthCrypto™  trust centers that provides an impenetrable stealth wall of security, and autonomy.  

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Quantum cyber security technology that provides decentralized dynamic end-to-end cryptographic splitting StealthCrypto™,  “”Polymorphic Hashed Encryption™ (PHE), Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™”, and split authentication technology for data protection,  blockchain, smart city platforms, IoT & encrypted unified  communications.

Cryptographic Technology Securing Beyond Boundaries

Quantum Cyber Security Solutions

Stealth Grid has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape.

Stealth Grid makes cloud storage, IoT ,  and communications secure, and faster with Stealth Grid’s patented StealthCrypto™. Securely protecting data in motion and at rest when utilizing StealthCrypto’s dynamic polymorphic split encryption,  PHE , plus “Dynamic Split GeoDistribution™, it can neither be predicted nor anticipated what the properties of the encryption system is, constantly changing and moving.

Quantum cyber security solutions, which are stealth fast and secure. Providing vertically integrated end-to-end encrypted solutions and authentication for, consumers, businesses and cities across the world.

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Store, Share, Sync & Collaborate Securely

Decentralized End-to-end split encryption and security. Private files are compressed and split encrypted prior to upload. Stealth Grid ensures that your files are split encrypted  with proprietary “Dynamic GeoDistribution™“ throughout data-at-rest and data-in-flight, so you can trust that even large files are sent securely and safely.  

Stealth Grid for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our world is becoming more and more connected. Our job at Stealth Grid  is to make sure that all devices, from IoT, smart cities, communications, data, mobile phones, connected cars,  life-critical systems and more, are truly protected. Keep all your important ‘things’ safe with the power of a singular, solid security solution.

Encrypted Unified Communications

Everything we do is designed to keep your privacy and provide the strongest cyber cloud security services. Stealth cloud provides encrypted communications, from the start to the finish. End-to-end encryption for email, voice calling, Video Conferencing, messaging, phone calls and cloud storage couldn't be easier.

StealthCrypto Technology

Smart City

Smart Nation

Providing the keys to unlock your city’s potential!

We connect the dots to produce breakthrough solutions that are as unique as the cities, governments that we help. Smarty cities and governments Integrated with Stealth Grid’ cyber security solutions with StealthCrypto™  trust centers.

Stealth Grids quantum cyber security solutions makes encryption & authentication faster, easier, and Stealth Strong!

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